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For all applicants to our masterprogram - please observe a new starting date: 12th of March 2018. 

Closing date for all applications: Tuesday 5th of December 2017. 

More info about our new program is soon to be launched.


The Norwegian Film School is located in Lillehammer, approximately 180 km north of Oslo.


The Master programme primarily takes place in Oslo at Filmens Hus ’The Film House’ in Dronningens gate 16.

Contact information:

Should you have any questions please contact:

Charlotte Midtbø, Coordinator


Jan Lindvik, Head of Education

Master of Fine Arts Degree in Filmmaking (MFA)

Are you planning to apply for The Norwegian Film School's Master of Fine Arts in Audiovisual Storrytelling?


The new program will be launched on our website early September 2017.


New deadline for applications

    Tuesday 5th of December 2017

    Study starting: Monday 12th of March 2018.   


The teaching language will be Norwegian. In addition, all applicants must master and understand Danish, Swedish and English.


We are currently performing a major overhaul of the curriculum of our MFA programme. The changes that will be implemented are extensive, and necessitate a completely revamped application procedure.


Because of this, we find ourselves in the position of letting all previous applicants know that we cannot transfer existing applications to the new programme. We will be publishing updated information on our website in the coming weeks, and anyone still interested in an MFA from the Norwegian Film School is invited to submit a new application once the new procedure and deadline are published.


The driving force behind NFS’ pedagogic and didactic approach is the belief that arts education is fundamentally about developing the competence of the individual artist’s artistic expression. In this context, learning is about the ability to apply skills and knowledge gained in an increasingly conscious and sophisticated way in the creation of the artistic work.


In addition, NFS programmes are informed by the fact that filmmaking is a collaborative process, where individuals working in different artistic disciplines must cooperate in order to realise a coherent artistic vision.


NFS works systematically to create and maintain a culture of trust in teaching and learning which enables the students to make and share the personal investment necessary to achieve artistic development and professional success at a high level.

Film production at NFS
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