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Application procedure

Step 1:

Only online applications are accepted:

Fill in the application form and attach all additional written and audio-visual materials following the information at the webpage ‘Søknadsweb


Formats: Film clips max 10 minutes - WAV; .MP4; .AVI; .MOV; Photos in jpg; Written material in pdf;


Only applications received by the deadline will be considered. Incomplete applications will be deemed void.


Step 2:

Applications will first be assessed by a panel of NFS tutors and industry professionals who will establish a shortlist of candidates. These will be invited to attend an interview. Interviews may be held either by personal appearance or by Skype. The interviews will focus on the applicant’s motivation for study, professional background and the Personal specialisation project as presented in the application package.


Step 3:

A final shortlist of applicants will be invited to attend a workshop (1 to 2 days) in Oslo. The workshop will include interviews and tests relevant to the various specialisations.


Shortlisted applicants for producing, directing and writing will be invited to a 5-day joint workshop in Oslo. The workshop will include writing and pitching sessions and focus on the applicants’ ability to work creatively together.


The school reserves the right to request additional material from the candidates.


Step 4:

The NFS application panel will make its final decision immediately after the completion of step 3.


For details, please see information on the various MFA disciplines.

Film production at NFS
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