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Annual report research and development at LUC 2015

Research areas

In recent years, LUC has emerged as an institution with a social science and media profile.This comprises public policy, media studies, general and special education, welfare and social studies, economics and business administration, management and organization studies, tourism, international relations, history, law, sports, child welfare, social work, social education, psychology, sociology, cultural projects.

The three Ph.D. programs accredited by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT):

lays within the social sciences and provide education at the highest academic levels. Furthermore, the Norwegian Film School has conferred doctoral degrees to candidates participating in the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Program.

We produce an annual report at LUC where you find information and statistics of our research activities.

In the menu to the left you find a list of research areas with links to contact persons for each research group (some are only in Norwegian language).


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