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How do I apply?

The application is now open for all six disciplines for studies starting March 12th 2018


Before you apply to the Master of Fine Arts Degree in Audiovisual Storrytelling, it is important that you make yourself familiar with the application requirements for the discipline you are applying for.


All applicants, regardless of discipline, must submit the application through the application portal SøknadsWeb within the application deadline on Desember 5th 2017. 


Uncompleted applications  – or applications submitted after the application deadline – will not be considered. You are only able to apply for one discipline, and the application must be written in Norwegian - or in one of the Scandinavian languages


How to register an application at Søknadsweb


  • Go to the application portal Søknadsweb. 
  • You can select the languages Norwegian or English in the language selector box in the upper right-hand corner.
  • The institution you should choose is "Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences - Hedmark"
  • International applicants clicks on "Register International Applicant".
  • You have now reached the application form. Please register as an applicant, and you will receive your password by e-mail.
  • Log on to Søknadsweb with your e-mail address and password, and fill in the application details.
  • As the final step of the application process, you will be asked to submit the required documentation by uploading these.
  • You can change your application as many times as you like up until the deadline.
  • The documents the applicant will have to upload are described under Application procedure for each disciplines
  • Note that all text documents should be uploaded at SøknadsWeb. 
  • Media files must be uploaded via Filemail (max 500 MB) due to the <15 MB file limit at SøknadsWeb. Large PDF-, and JPG files can also be uploaded via Filemail.


If you have questions or trouble registering your application at SøknadsWeb, please contact us by email: or by phone: +47 612 88 000




Media files and other larger files must be uploaded via Filemail (max500 MB) due to the <15 MB file limit at SøknadsWeb.


In Filemail you fill out the form 'From'(email-address), 'Subject'(your name) and 'Message'(application no.)


Your should have received an application number from Søknadsweb by email when you completed your application. If you did not receive this application number, please check your email spam filter before you contact


 If you have questions or problems with uploading files at Filemail, please contact us at



Admission process

After the University College has received the application and you are formally accepted as an applicant, our procedure is as follows:   


Stage 1: Applications will be evaluated by a panel composed of teachers from the Norwegian film school and industry professionals. This panel decides on a shortlist of candidates who will then be invited to participate in an interview. The interviews are held in Oslo, preferably through personal attendance, but Skype can also be acceptable. The interviews will focus on the applicant's motivation for the study, professional background and experience.


Stage 2: Applicants that have passed stage 2 will be invited to participate in a workshop (1 to 2 days) in Oslo. The workshop will contain interviews and practical exercises relevant for the various disciplines.

The school reserves the right to ask for further material from the candidates.


Stage 3: The panel will make its final decision immediately after the completion of stage 2.


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