The structure of the programme

The programme is split into two main subjects, where Subject 1 (30 credits) is common for all disciplines.  The goal is to provide students with a common language, oriented towards artistic methods and practical concepts.


Subject 2 consists of two parts: specialisation and Master production (a total of 90 credits).


The education alternate between project work, activities like lectures, master classes and workshops, as well as individual supervision. The students must be prepared to undertake extensive independent work.


Through all four semesters students are required to participate in discussions about projects and to co-operate in various creative constellations across disciplines, in order to work as a team in solving challenges arising in the various projects.


Subject 1: Who am I as a storyteller, film-maker and artist?

The subject gives the individual students the option of having a deeper look at their own production and artistic situation. Through a combination of analysis and discussion of formal language and motivations, presentations of themes and issues from lectures and workshops during this subject, each student shall develop his or her artistic distinction and personal voice. In connection to this subject, there are smaller film exercises, so-called film essays, of varying size and scope.


The subject comprises themes likeart philosophy, sociology, aesthetics and cinematic dramaturgy.


Subject 2 comes in two parts: Specialisation and Master production (90 credits)

During the specialisation exercise the students shall investigate and immerse themselves in a special area within their own discipline. The exercise usually starts in semester 2, but can be spread over all semesters. The exercise may be part of – or form the basis for – the Master production. The exercise may vary within each discipline. For all of them, however, it is required that the exercise shall represent the students' presentation and reflection about their artistic investigative project.


The Master production may consist of developing a project within various genres, like TV drama, serial documentary, interactive storytelling forms and Virtual Reality. An important issue is for the students to document the process and the artistic development, within their chosen format and platform. 


Final exam:

The students are evaluated against the learning goals of subject 1 and 2, and the exam result is based on the specialisation project and the Master production.  The evaluation is performed by external censors and expressed through passed or failed.



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