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Application deadline for international exchange students is 1 May.

The deadline applies for exchange students from partner institutions who take the one year unit separatly and for double degree students.

Sports and Outdoors Tourism programme

Combine high quality studies with great nature experiences while spending a year in Lillehammer!

The one-year programme in Sports and outdoors tourism at Lillehammer UC covers subjects within winter tourism, sports- and nature-based tourism, event management, and volunteer management in non-profit organizations, with a strong emphasis on field work and collaboration with providers.

To be able to plan, develop, and implement new products or undertakings it is vital to understand features of development in a region or a territory and to relate these to general trends. Hence the programme has a strong focus on the actors and stake holders within sports, outdoors, and activity tourism in the mountain regions of Southern Norway and in the Lillehammer region in particular. Sports, leisure and outdoor activities are used not only as a reference but will also provide case studies for the term paper. Field work and collaboration
with providers and other actors will be emphasized.

Foto: Esben Haakenstad/ Esben Haakenstad

The programme will provide you with particular insights on how tourist destinations, events, and activities are developed and managed through entrepreneurship and innovation and will greatly enhance your job opportunities within sports- and activity tourism.

Sports and Outdoors Tourism will be offered not only as a one- year programme for Norwegian and international students, but also as double-bachelor programmes in collaboration with international partners.


Programme content and structure:

Autum term  Spring term
Introduction to Management Science (7,5  ECTS) Snow Business (15 ECTS) 
Strategic Management (7,5 ECTS)  Nature-based Tourism and Ecotourism (7,5 ECTS)
Event Management (15 ECTS) Term paper - only an option for students who follow the entire programme (7.5 ECTS)


In the autumn term, the student is introduced to tools for development and leadership in the implementation of products (such as competitions and festivals as well as other types of events and organized activities). There is a particular focus on planning, financial management, marketing, human resources, and voluntarism, as well as the dimension of experience. Knowledge about volunteer leadership is tied into sports competitions and -events in particular.

In the spring term this is followed up by a specialization in winter tourism, winter sports, and other nature-based activities, with a special reference to Norwegian examples. The programme provides the student with particular insights into what the region offers in sports and nature-based tourism, and how local tourist destination, events, and activities are developed and managed within these sectors. The term paper provides the students with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding through a case study.

Foto:Espen Haakenstad/Lillehammer.com

Proximity to the field requires extensive use of field trips and data gathering. Trips to destinations in the region and field work will be organized, especially in conjunction with events and other programme related activities. A combination of traditional and practice related (case based) teaching methods will be used, the latter in collaboration with providers and other actors within the industry.


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