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Grønseth med bok om migrasjon

Anne Sigfrid Grønseth har redigert boka "Being Human, Being Migrant: Senses of Self and Well-Being" på Berghahn Books, London/New



Om boka

Migrant experiences accentuate general aspects of the human condition. Therefore, this volume explores migrant’s movements not only as geographical movements from here to there but also as movements that constitute an embodied, cognitive, and existential experience of living “in between” or on the “borderlands” between differently figured life-worlds.

Focusing on memories, nostalgia, the here-and-now social experiences of daily living, and the hopes and dreams for the future, the volume demonstrates how all interact in migrants’ and refugees’ experience of identity and quest for well-being. Les meir om boka

Sist oppdatert: Sigrun Dancke Skaare 01.11.2013

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