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Veggeland med bokutgivelse

Professor Noralv Veggeland har utgitt boken "Essays om Regulatory Governance", Nova Science Publishers, NY. USA.

"Essays on Regulatory Governance", is an ambitious study of the regulatory state and represents a timely and apposite analysis. It incisively analyzes the regulatory top-down regimes that are currently dominant and in crisis. Taking a critical perspective, the book offers an account of inherent vulnerability of regulatory governance caused by one-sided economic thinking and the predominance of steering without rowing. From this thinking it has become common to derive a suggestion that regulatory governance is a universal solution to most problems nationally and internationally. It is not. Rich with contemporary cases it will contribute to a better understanding of recent policy trends in western democracy. This state-of-the-art book will be invaluable for students, researchers and scholars of political science, sociology and political economy and will also provide an engaging read for civil servants and policymakers around the world.

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Sist oppdatert: Kristin Korsvold 28.02.2013

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