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Tid: Mandag 13. mars kl. 1215 - 1400
Sted: Rom S-217, Høgskolen i Innlandet, Storhove, Lillehammer

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Frank Müller om "Mixed methods"

Mandag 13. mars vil Frank Müller fra Universitetet i Bremen holde gjesteforelesningen "Mixed Methods as a way to address respondents diversity in educational research".

Müller er invitert av Forskningssenter for barn og unges kompetanseutvikling (BUK)

About Frank Müller: 

After studying special needs education with a strong focus on inclusive education in Berlin, I completed my teacher training at a special school and an inclusive primary school in Berlin. This was followed by my Ph. D.- equivalent at the University of Potsdam (2008-2012). During that time I also did a one year course on Design Thinking at the HPI d.school in Potsdam.

From 2011-2016 I worked at a school board in Berlin, in teacher training and at an inclusive school (primary &secondary).

Since fall 2016 I work at the University of Bremen as a Junior Professor for inclusive education.

Mixed methods as a way to address respondents diversity in (educational) research:

Doing research in inclusive (educational) settings means you are facing a broad range of diversity (either on the side of students, parents, teachers or school settings).

By the example of a study on the satisfaction of parents with their kids inclusive primary school I would like to show what I have to done to address this diversity using mixed methods in an interview study with 36 parents and by using Dillmans Tailored Design Method to increase the response rate (and therefore the share of those who drop out of a lot of other surveys) for a multi level modeling questionnaire study (n=1194).

I’d like to discuss if/how you address the issue of diversity and which methods you are using.

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