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Centre for Lifelong Learning
PO Box 400
2418 Elverum
Visiting adress: Industrigata 17, 3rd floor
2624 Lillehammer
Mette Villand Reichelt
0047- 61 28 82 42

Centre for Lifelong Learning

Competence that leaves its mark
Centre for Lifelong Learning at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences can help you to develop your skills, or that of your company/organization. Centre for Lifelong Learning develops and provides flexible courses and study programmes that can be combined with employment. We have extensive experience in the field of further and continuing education related to:

  • Open courses and study programmes
  • Tailor-made courses and study programmes for
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Video and multimedia production

Flexible models
Our aim is to enable those who wish to improve their skills, do so while still in employment. Our flexible course models allow you to study more or less, independent of time and place. In alliance with our partners,we build study models which combines traditional elements of learning such as lectures, text and seminars with media-based elements such as video, sound and images. We provide e-learning packages or study programmes which combine the use of ICT with seminars.
A variety of educational means and methods
We use a variety of educational means and methods to motivate and encourage learning, e.g. case studies from the work place or experience learning. Centre for Lifelong Learning produces the videos and multimedia systems which can be a part of the learning package, course or study programme. Through the Internet we can administrate and structure the learning process as well as provide different learning activities e.g. interactive tests, process writing, discussion, etc.

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