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Disability studies in education and social work

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In public definitions disability is often seen as a condition that emerges in the interplay between the individual and his/her surroundings. At the same time, a disability implies personal experiences.  Disability Studies is an interdisciplinary subject. Disability Studies provides an analysis of the most fundamental concepts of our culture: body and mind, normality and difference, freedom and rights, and how these ideas affect our perceptions and impact our laws, institutions and day-to-day lives. The aim of this study program is that students develop a critical and interdisciplinary understanding of disability with a specific emphasis on education and social work.

The study program contains two courses: Disability and Society and Participation, Inclusion and Justice – implications for education and social work. 


Admission criteria:

Higher education entrance qualification.

In order to take the exame in Participation, Inclusion and Justice – implications for education and social work, the students must complete and pass the course Disability and Society first.

Kode Emnets navn SP. O/V *) Studiepoeng pr. semester
SPE1009/1 Participation, Inclusion and Justice –
implications for education and social
15 O 15
SPE1008/1 Disability and Society 15 O 15
Sum: 0
*) O - Obligatorisk emne, V - Valgbare emne

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Faglig innhold/læringsutbytte

By completing this study program the students will:

  • Acquire knowledge about and be familiar with fundamental theories in disability studies.
  • Be familiar with relevant research and development in the field of disability studies.


Students will have skills to:

  • Connect theories of disability to a specific field of practice through written work and discussions.
  • Understand the role of institutions in the lives of  people experiencing disability.
  • Assess and reflect on their own and others' work and actively promote professional development.

Students will have competence in:

  • Discussing and evaluating how to facilitate learning and development within a disability studies context. 
  • Presenting the core content in literature, both orally and in writing.
  • Identifying factors that may be crucial for defining goals and choice of strategy when facing the challenge of disability in our society.
  • Working both individually and in groups.
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